Great Gatherings

What is a Great Gathering?

Great Gatherings are events that are hosted by a member of our community.  A Great Gathering might be a playdate for children and their parents at a park, or an Indian cooking class for adults.  The HOST of the Great Gathering is someone from the community—like YOU!

The host describes the event and sets a date, time, and admission price for the event. The funds raised are donated to MECC. It’s fundraising for our school blended with community building!

Upcoming Great Gatherings

hmmm… this is where we are waiting for YOU to turn in a new Great Gathering idea!

In November 2015 we had both a Women’s Yoga Great Gathering (attended by 10 women– it was great!) AND a Kid’s Yoga afternoon.

so… what do you want to do next?  Do you want to teach knitting?  Enjoy a morning “backstage” at a bakery? What connections do you have to interesting opportunities in our city?  It can be as simple as a play date at a sledding hill…..

How do I sign up for a Great Gathering?

The details about each Great Gathering are in a binder in the Parent Resource Center with the sign-up sheet and an envelope for dropping off payments.  All of the funds go directly to Mayflower Early Childhood Center!  You may also sign up for a Great Gathering by emailing .

You could also HOST a Great Gathering! Anytime you get an idea of a Great Gathering you would like to host this year, simply fill out a form (in a folder on the wall outside of the PRC) and place it in the COMPLETED GREAT GATHERINGS folder on the wall. Then we’ll take it from there, advertising your Great Gathering right here, and putting an invitation into the binder in the Parent Resource Center.  Would you like to teach a knitting class in November? Do you have a special park you love to go to with your children? Think up a Great Gathering you’d like to host and let the fun and the FUNdraising begin!