Our History

In 1961, Mayflower Nursery School was begun as an outreach of Mayflower Community Congregational Church. For 50 years, we have served thousands of children from Minneapolis and the surrounding communities. We are known for high quality programs, dedicated staff members, and supportive families.

For our first 49 years of operation, we offered a preschool that operated three days a week, nine months a year. In 2009, the Mayflower congregation saw an opportunity to build on decades of success while extending access to children previously unable to take advantage of part-day, part-year programs.

Mayflower Nursery School was renamed Mayflower Early Childhood Center and was formed as a separate non-sectarian, non-profit organization in order to serve the broader community through both a part-day, school-year program and a full-day, year-round program.

Our first five-day Montessori learning environment opened in September 2010. Due to high demand, we opened a second five-day Montessori classroom in September 2011 and two three-day Montessori classrooms. In January of 2012 we were accredited by the Association Montessori Internationale. In the fall of 2014 we opened a Toddler Community (16-30 months).  The Toddler Community was accredited by AMI in the spring of 2015.

All of our classrooms (called “Children’s Houses” or “Toddler Community”) are five-day programs. Families can choose to have their children at MECC for a half-day or a full-day program.

As an outreach program of Mayflower Church, we at MECC seek to include all families in our program. We offer tuition assistance and full or partial scholarships for families who qualify. We actively seek connection with families in need who live in our area. Our program was born of a greater mission of Mayflower Church to serve diverse socioeconomic families.

We seek to provide a healthy, loving, and productive start for children ages three to six.

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to serve an economically diverse community and to provide high quality Montessori learning environments that meet the developmental needs of the whole child.